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Snowdon - March 2013



Lovely crisp November day and a nice walk around Moelfre. Nice old row boat on the beach!

Anglesey Circuit

Friends of friends were competing in a Classic Car race at the circuit recently so a good reason to go. A fab day out and great to see the super charged 60's cars. Being able to explore them closely in the paddock and see the behind the scenes activity was fascinating. Our man is in the Mini - he finished 9th out of 12.


Oh no we went and got another!
We thought it would be plain sailing having a second dog, no more trouble than having one dog. Well it hasn't quite worked like that.
Digby is our new addition. He's a Working Cocker Spaniel and is currently creating havoc with toilet training, whining at night and Tess our Springer is definitely not amused at having another dog in her territory!
Still Digby's now part of the team and as you can see settling in on the sun lounger at Silver Bay.

Puppies and dog scare

Had the fright of our lives with our springer Tess. She completely collapsed after a day of walks and playing on Rhoscolyn beach. Emergency vet (Anglesey Pet Clinic) was brilliant and soon had her on a drip and coming round. Thankfully she now seems fully recovered, bouncing off the walls as usual, but we'll wait for results of blood tests before we fully relax.
So nearly ended up with one of Geoff's springer pups pictured here (Tess is their auntie)… at the time of writing this there's only one left… very tempting!